Why Recruit from Nepal


Over the past years, an increasing number of employers especially from the Middle East, East Asian and African countries have shown interest in hiring Nepalese workers and many of them have shifted their attention concerning hiring of third country nationalities (TCN’s) from a numbers of their original manpower supplying countries to Nepal.  The changes are due to various reasons, some of which are:


  • Nepalese workers are renowned for their hard work, loyalty and high sense of responsibility and discipline
  • The employer do get advantage of wider choice due to availability of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workforce almost in all sector and trades who are readily available for immediate placement
  • Nepalese workers are comparatively most cost effective and their hiring cost is lower as compared to other labor exporting countries
  • Procedure and formalities for recruiting Nepalese citizen for overseas employment is simple
  • Nepalese workers are experienced in working in the extreme climatic conditions
  • Nepalese worker are peace loving and extremely loyal to their employer and devoted to their duties
  • Nepal is situated much closer to the labor importing countries and linked by Air with almost all the major cities of the world

Why Choose Stevand Gurkha

Special Activity

  • Stevand Gurkha Overseas Services operates “Employment opportunities Service desk” at its office where registration is done. The company operates a large Data Bank where detail information of individual is recorded and it is regularly updated for their availability for employment aboard.
  • We have a nationwide network of agents to contact local Nepalese workers seeking overseas employment opportunities.
  • We strictly follow your specific requirement and selection process without compromising quality of candidates and services
  • Stevand Gurkha Overseas Services conducts a short pre-departure orientation session to all the selected candidates before their departure. This session will help them to understand company’s policies, country’s rules and regulation, culture, Airport Procedure and all do’s and don’ts.
  • Stevand Gurkha Overseas is a leading agency for providing clients with the best Gurkha Security personnel for security companies and humanitarian Aid sector and best civilian candidates for service and logistic sectors mobilised over thousands of candidates.
  • Stevand Gurkha Overseas only provides a genuine Gurkha who served in British/Indian/Nepalese Armed Force or Gurkha Contingent of Singapore Police Force.
  • Stevand Gurkha Overseas Services is not limited to recruiting only, we also complete vetting, deployment, administration, payroll and welfare management for the candidates deployed into conflict zone such as Afghanistan.


We use the effective nationwide and local media to promote the opportunities available in various countries, hence enabling workers from all over the country can benefit from these available opportunities.  We invite agents of different companies to work closely with us and believe in us as well and we assure you that we will do even better in the days ahead too.  Give us honour to be with you.


The employer can select candidates using any of the following procedure:

  • Interview by employer or its Representative
  • Based on Curriculum Vitae
  • Telephone Interview/Video Conference
  • Selection by Stevand Gurkha on employer behalf

Interview by Employer or Its representative

The employer or its representative makes his/her own selection of workers who are already screened and short-listed by Stevand Gurkha Overseas Services (P) Ltd

Base on Curriculum Vitae 

The Stevand Gurkha Overseas Services forward Curriculum Vitae of short-listed candidates to employer for selection.  The Stevand Gurkha Overseas Services make all necessary reference check regarding the credentials of the candidates and ensure that all particulars mentioned in the candidates’ curriculum Vitae are true and correct. Telephone Interview/Video Conference  

If the company wishes to select employee directly by video conference or telephone interview, such facility also available.  The Stevand Gurkha overseas Services forward curriculum vitae of short listed candidates to employer prior to such interview.

Selection by Stevand Gurkha on Employers Behalf

In the event of employers being unable to travel for interview in Nepal, Stevand Gurkha overseas make the selection on their behalf and forward the name and documents for their approval.  Such workers are dispatched to their employment destination under Stevand Gurkha Overseas Services full guarantee.