Our Core Management Team

Andy Coombes (Chairman)

Andy is based in United Kingdom, and he is the General Manager and owner of Stevand Training Services, he has continued this transport training company from his late father.  He has been managing the training company for over 25 years.  He started his associate with Nepalese British Gurkhas when he added security and computer courses in his training establishment and recognition was given to his company by Coutts a Career Transition Partnership scheme for resettlement courses for British Services Leaver.  The Stevand Training Services trained over 2000 services leaver in various courses every year.   His training company gain its popularity within service leaver circle due to his professional service and tailored to fit everybody's requirement.

Tel:       ++44-1268-565722
Fax:      ++44-1268-799034
Email:   andy@manortraining.co.uk
website: www.superiortraining.co.uk

Siri Gurung (Managing Director)

Siri Gurung has been in manpower business for more than Six years. As founder and Managing Director of the Stevand Gurkha Overseas Services (P) Ltd, he is instrumental in developing and incorporating latest Information Technology in Management procedure.  By his personnel zeal and drive and taking business tours aboard, he has introduced many new clients to the company

Prior to starting business in this ever expanding industry, Siri Gurung served with the Gurkhas, British Army and leaved after 22 years of exemplary services.  During his ay career, Siri Gurung has honed his expertise in office and man management.  Towards the last 8 years of his army career, Siri Gurung held various management posts from instructor in Communication Training Wing of Royal Engineers, Command, Control & Communication – Senior Non Commission Officer in The Queens Gurkha Engineers and training Co-ordinator for new Gurkha recruits.  Finally leaving British army as Sergeant Major of newly formed support squadron of Royal Engineer and involved in many operational tours such as Falkland Island in 1982, Bosnia in 1996 and Kosovo in 1999-2000.

Siri Gurung has travelled many countries for client liaison and to promote Nepalese manpower services to international companies and clients. In past 6 years, he has developed excellent working relation with many major international and local companies in the Middle East and beyond. and secured recruiting contract for many high profile contracts.

Contact Details:
Mobile: +977-9851042289
Email:   siri.gurung@gmail.com 


Hari Roka Magar (Executive Director)

Hari Roka Magar has been in the manpower business for more then six years. As founder and Executive Director of the Stevand Gurkha Overseas (P) Ltd, he has shared vision of expanding manpower business to a cooperate industry.  His expertise includes office management, public relations and liaison with local authorities.

Prior to starting manpower business, Hari Roka served with the British Gurkha in British Army retired after 20 years loyal service in the British Army based in around the world and retired with an "EXEMPLARY" service record

During his army career Hari Roka held various management posts. His responsibilities have included the management of 35 men & control of a large fleet of vehicles. His logistic expertise led him to the appointment of road safety officer & transport manager in the Queen's Gurkha Engineers & Driving Instructor of Royal Engineers & Transport School. Finally retired British Army as senior non-commission officer of support squadron of Royal Engineers.  

Contact Details:
Mobile: +977-9851040461
Email:   harirokamagar@gmail.com 

SB Ghising (Marketing Director)

S.B. Ghising has served 16 yrs. loyal service in the British Armed forces based station around the World, and retired with an “EXEMPLARY” record in 1994. He was in an Engineering Corp has achieved his high level of Technical knowledge as an Advanced Vehicle Mechanic and Fitter from Technical Engineering School in Bordon South west of England and worked as an instructor for general Mechanic and safety to the University Cadet student for a period of six months in Mechanical school

After leaving British Army, S.B. has worked as project assistant Plant Technical supervisor of Heavy Mineral Resources Mining Company in Southern Africa and Northern Mozambique (Graphite Mine and Gold Mine) owned by an Irish Company, Kenmare Resources Plc. Dublin for 3 years, achieved an extensive knowledge and promoted as supervisor in later part of the contract.  He then worked for European Union affiliated company V&M Grain Mozambique for 2 yrs, where he worked as Regional Manager for Transport, Logistics, security and Recruiting.  He has a broad understanding of several Industrial, Social environments sectors and possesses significant experience across many business functional involved and had worked with Multi National environment.

S.B. was associated with numbers of Manpower companies in Nepal as freelance marketing prior to joining Stevand Gurkha as a Marketing Director.  He has wide experienced to promote in Manpower Procurements as well as development scheme to expand the Business and maintaining excellent relationship with clients aboard as well as agents and government officials within the Nepal.  In this sort span of time he has managed to introduce Stevand Gurkha to many valuable and high level clients around the globe from Middle East to Europe and North America.  

Contact Details:
Mobile: +977-985042287
Email:   ghising.sb@gmail.com